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Revolutionize Your Laundry with a Portable Washing Machine


Our Portable Washing Machine cuts laundry time in half.


Save money on laundry bills and expensive machines.

Space Efficient

It's compact, fitting perfectly in any living space.

Instant Delivery

We Deliver Within 24hrs Nationwide

Save Time and Money

Ready to Experience Laundry Freedom?

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Wash the Smart way

Get your hands on this new gift of a stress-free washing experience.


Our mini portable washing machine is designed for delicate and small things. Its small load can save water and electricity.

Name: Mini Washing Machine
Capacity: 8L
Material:  plastic, resin
Available colors: purple, khaki
Expanded size: 24*24*30mm
Voltage: 36W
Net weight:1.65 kg

2 washing modes(5 standard washing, 10 minutes soft washing) and 2 minutes drain

Packing List:
1*Mini Washing Machine
1*power adapter
1*English manual

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